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What is honor?

In The Beginning, God honored mankind by sending His son to die for them. Jesus honored His Father by accepting that mission, and as a result the greatest honor ever was given to us—the choice to become part of God’s family through repentance and faith. Thus our relationship with God is founded on the idea of being honored by Him, and although we can never repay Him for what He has done for us, we can honor him for His priceless gift, and honor can continue to play an important role in our lives as believers.

Honor can be a weapon of spiritual warfare. In Esther, we see that the King understood the importance of honor, so much so that he actually kept a book of memorable deeds. Because he understood its value, Mordecai was repositioned to save his people from the plans of the enemy.

Honor can open up your future and unlock doors.

In Genesis 15 Joseph’s brothers saw him for who he was and honored his position in Egypt. The result was that their whole family was saved from famine, and the future of God’s people was secured.

When we are in a place of confusion, uncertain what to do or what is required of us, we can silence the many confusing voices and hear clearly when we choose to honor those that God has placed in our lives to help us. When we honor someone their voice carries greater weight in our lives and is heard above the confusion.

Who are the people who are responsible for where you are today? How can you honor them?


* Intentional

* Costly

* Practical

* Biblical – 1 Timothy 5:17

* Accelerates our growth

* Is meant to be a lifestyle

* Includes doing what we are taught

* Can change the direction of our heart and emotions

* Is not empty words, must be backed up by action – Isaiah 29:13

* Is multiplied back to us from natural into spiritual blessing

* Sets those who teach us free to fulfill their calling in helping us move forward


Make a list of people in your life who have a role of honor in your life, make a second list of specific ways that you can do this… and do it.

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