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We Are All Ministers

Jesus Is the Master Builder

* The building blocks He works with are people.

* Discipleship is the process of building.

* Building is done from the inside out, making these “blocks” more like Jesus.

* Jesus cares about our inner thoughts and feelings and works gracefully to help us change our “messes,” because He considers us the most precious of materials.

* If we want to be part of His building; then we cannot run from rebuke/correction.

* Discipleship requires a vertical relationship with God and horizontal relationships with people.

We Are All Called to Minister

* Each of us has a specific calling, our identity, and primary calling is as a son/daughter of God. We cannot know who we are until we know who He is. (Matthew 16:13)

* 5-fold ministers are called to minister to the ministers, meaning all of God’s people who are called to minister to the world. (Ephesians 4:10-ff)

* We have the life of God in us and can minister that life wherever we go.

* Ministering comes from a place of knowing that God has called us and provides us with abundant life and solutions for people. (II Corinthians 3:6)

* For us to be faithful, effectual ministers requires dependency on God and on other people He has placed in our lives.

* We can choose to be content ministering where God has called us.

* Ministering is not about sharing our opinions with people; it is about listening well and asking thoughtful questions to help them realize the truth in their own lives.

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