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The Journey of Discipleship

The reason that Jesus did not fade into history is not because of miracles He performed, but because He made disciples by transferring His heart to others. Discipleship is:

* A journey to becoming something that we are not yet

* How we intentionally control who you are becoming

* Process whereby the heart of Jesus is created inside us

* Mode of transferring what is in us to another

* Something that we are all in the process of, based on the voices we are choosing to listen to: Do you know whom you are listening to? Are they walking in peace? Do they have Godly character? Are they transferring the heart of Jesus to you?

* An intentional process: if we do not pursue transformation via discipleship (to become like Jesus) it will not happen

* Largely accomplished by asking good/thoughtful questions, which are key to drawing truth out of those who we are listening to, this requires humility

In Matthew 16, when Jesus had a moment to “teach” His disciples, He took the opportunity to ask them a thought provoking question, to help them see and speak the truth, rather than sharing what He knew to be true with them. The disciple’s ability to answer His question according to the truth changed the world! We are often one question away from God transforming us, or changing our world.

Our opinions don’t outweigh the facts or the truth, and we can never know the facts/truth about everything. We are designed to need one and other for that, to humble ourselves and receive truth, as well as share the truth we know. When we need to learn something, wisdom is to find the right person and draw it out of them with good questions. If we don’t ask, seek, and find we won’t lay hold of what we need. Asking questions shows that we are hungry for truth and humble enough to hear the answers.

By asking thoughtful questions with an attitude of humility we can draw what is inside of someone out, in order to receive what we need or to see something exposed to the light that leads to change. Jesus asked questions to reveal people’s hearts. When we are more eager to share our own opinions than ask questions, we are seeking to be know by others and saying that they should be like us. In seeking God’s truth we are acknowledging that we want to know and be like Him, and that we need His truth to do that.

Are you hungry, willing and humble enough to take the transformative journey of discipleship?

There are 2 Gospels: The Gospel of Salvation, and The Gospel of the Kingdom, which is manifested through our transformation. After Jesus’ crucifixion all the crowds who had followed Him by attending meetings, even many who had been healed, were gone. Those who remained in the Upper Room were His disciples—they knew Him and weighed His words accordingly, meaning they listened to His voice, and did what He said.

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