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Pursue the Source

The source of all good things is God; so pursue the source.

And as we pursue God by faith, receiving the good things He has for us, we will also become a source of good things for others. Looking at the way we use our time can help us see if pursuing God is our priority.

Are you pursuing what is most valuable, what you truly desire? Because if you are not

intentional about what you really want and how to get it,

then chances are good that you are not pursuing it.

Pursuit is:

· Intentional

· Persistent and consistent

· Motivated by pictures we hold in our thoughts (therefore we should intentionally and consistently be keeping Jesus at the forefront of our thoughts)

When we say, “Yes,” to Jesus:

· We can begin making the choice to pursue Him.

· It starts a life-long journey of knowing the Father’s love for us, including His plans that are only for good, a future and hope (see Jeremiah 29:11).

· We will eventually encounter our greatest fear(s) on our journey of pursuit.

We should keep in mind that fear:

· Is a form of pursuit and takes us away from what God has for us

· Is something we need to be aware of in our lives, what are our greatest fears?

· Needs to be addressed intentionally and practically

· Is driving us to do certain things; what are they?

For example, in the parable of the talents we see that one man is driven by fear as he buries the talent that was given to him. As a result, he loses the potential to use his talent (or gift), and see it multiplied to become a source of provision and blessing.

Fear holds parts of our lives captive, and robs us of the ability

to be a blessing in those areas where we allow it to lead.

Like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4, we need to pursue God’s word through our relationship with Him and people He puts in our lives. This will enable us to grow to the place where we act from a place of faith rather than fear, particularly when we are faced with difficult circumstances.

Her journey to a place of overcoming her greatest fear included:

· Gaining access to God’s word through pursuit, knowing that she needed what Elisha had, and choosing to honor him by meeting his needs.

· Valuing that access so highly that she rearranged her life for it

· Acting in faith when tested

Do you know what you are pursuing and are you aware of your greatest fears? How can you follow the Shunammite’s example to gain access to what you need from God and grow to the place of acting in faith overcoming your fears?

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