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Journey of Transformation

Discipleship is the only way that the Kingdom of God comes to earth.

Discipleship Is:

* Following

* Seeking

* Trading bad for good

* Journey of becoming as life gets better

Discipleship Requires:

* Humility

* Watching

* Listening

* Asking questions

* Embracing the work of transformation

This process can begin only when we are certain of our identity as children of God. Once we understand this, we will automatically seek the growth that comes with following Christ. The attitude of a learner—seeking to receive teaching in all areas of life from the people around us, is key to discipleship. We can learn from those who are believers and those who are not.

Matthew 16:13 – Those who would be disciples must know and be known. In this verse we see that Peter knew who Christ was and that Christ knew who Peter was. Transformation takes place in the process of sharing our lives with one and other. In this way we teach each other how to live as we give and receive encouragement, instruction, and correction in loving, committed relationships. If we are too concerned with the opinions of others, it is because we are not secure in our identity as God’s sons and daughters. When we are focused on what others think of us, seeking their approval, we will not allow ourselves to develop the transparency that lets someone know the real us. Only when we are comfortable with ourselves are we able to let people know and be honest with us, because fear of our weaknesses and mistakes being seen no longer controls us.

Real love begins when someone does something wrong. Are there people in your live that you trust to love you like that? Can you be trusted to love the people in your life like that? Can you love yourself when you do something wrong? If you are not at the place where you can be open and honest with others then you cannot begin the journey of discipleship. You can never be at that place until you are secure in being known and unconditionally loved by the Father as His child. Can you name the people in your life that you truly know and are known by? What practical things can you do to invest in these relationships?

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