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Honor is a key to your future

God places some strategic people in our lives. They are there to encourage us, help us grow, challenge us and walk with us. When people invest into our lives, we should honor them. Honor is more than words. It is a delight not an obligation. It is a way we show appreciation for what God has given us. We can never repay God for what He does for us, but we can honor Him and the people He puts into our lives.

When we understand the place someone has in our lives, when we recognize that we are who we are for the love, support and sacrifice of others, honor should be an automatic response. Many times in our lives there is confusion, because we do not understand the power of honoring. If we don't place honor on the right people, we won't hear them in the right way.

Doing the things you're being taught is honoring the person teaching. Honor begins at the point where you are struggling, where it gets challenging. It is a key to your future. Honor expands and becomes a lifestyle. What you honor, you get more of; what you don't honor, you lose. It works like this in every relationships, including marriage.

Esther 6

The King has a book of memorable deeds. In the middle of the night he decides to honor Mordecai, who is about to be killed. Honor stops the enemy's plan and changes Mordecai's future.

Who can you honor? How extravagant can you be in honoring?

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