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Isaac and Silvia Rowe

Isaac and Silvia are the pastors of Kingdom Life Cleveland. They have been raised in and around church and ministry and been involved in extensive ministry throughout their lives. They were married in 2010 and now have two beautiful children named Zoe and Luke. They planted Kingdom Life Cleveland in 2013 with the Support of Paul Hubbard.
We believe that church is meant to be a family. Families love, laugh, cry, and even sometimes fight together! They give to, care for and are committed to one another throughout this journey of life that we are all on. The true riches of life are found in living life together the way the Father intended. Jesus is the perfect example and picture of what this looks like.  
We don’t have to search for the model. He is the model that we are continually moving towards reflecting. From this place we can truly establish the kingdom of God on the earth in a real way that people can see and touch. This requires discipleship, growth, maturity, and for all of us to walk in our rightful place as son’s and daughters.
This journey of life is by far the best way to live. The most challenging, fulfilling, exciting and purposeful life that we are all designed for. We aren’t interested in church as normal, we are interested in a kingdom family, building and establishing the kingdom of God on the earth right now!

Paul & Kjersti Hubbard


Paul Hubbard is an apostle and father to many ministers worldwide. He is a father to us and Kingdom Life Cleveland. We love him and honor him for all he is to us and so many others. Click on the map to find out more about each church or visit their websites at the links below.
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